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 The Person, the Trinity, the Church

Wholeness Study

Table  of  Contents

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A Window to the Whole

The Nonnegotiable Call and the Unavoidable Lure

Anticipating the Whole


Chapter 1   The Person in Created Function

The Created Person

The Person's Relationship with God

Eve's Purpose

Eve's Relationship with Adam

Shifting Function


Chapter 2   Knowing the Whole of God

The Face of This Triune God

The Experience of Knowing

Convergence with the Trinity

The Relationship of God

To Embrace and Experience


Chapter 3   Trinitarian Uniqueness in the Whole

Function, Uniqueness, Subordination

In Two Relational Contexts

Subordination in Context

Development of Trinitarian Views

A Different Approach

The Relational Significance of Jesus' Revelation

The Reductionist Intrusion in the Process to Family

The Relational Outcome of the Whole


Chapter 4   Placing Modernism and Postmodernism in the Larger

                 Context of Reductionism

Searching for the Whole

The Shift to Substitutes

Counter-Relational Work

The Relational Implications


Chapter 5   The Church in Likeness of the Trinity

Incompatibility of Church Practice

Engaging the  Trinity

The Relational Paradigm

The Whole of the Relationship of God

How the Church Is to Come Together

The Spirit: Overlooked and Misused

The Compatibility of Our Response

In Function with the Divine Image of God

The Relational Imperative of the Whole

The Purpose of the Church as Family

The Church Belonging to the Trinity

The Alternative of Reductionism


Chapter 6   The Challenge of the Whole

The Need for Redemptive Change

Three Vital Aspects of Practice

The Practice of Disciples: To Follow or to Serve

The Practice of Church: Family or Orphanage

Paul and the Whole

Transitioning to the Whole


Chapter 7   Ecclesiology of the Whole

Its Emergence
   The Apostolic Church and the Definitive Key

Its Formulation
   Grace as the Functional Basis

Its Operation
   Submission as the Functional Response
   Submission to Wholeness
   Equalizing to Be Whole

The Church Becomes Equalizer


Chapter 8   Called to Be Whole

The Work of Equalization

Its Multicultural Nature

Addressing Change from Without from Within

Four Major Aspects to Multicultural Change

Called Beyond the Common and Ordinary

Sanctified Whole


Chapter 9   Gender in the Big Picture or a Reduced Context
                 (An Unavoidable Blessing for the Church as Equalizer)

Distinguishing the Context

What Matters Most to God

How We Define Gender and How We Do Gender Relations

Jesus' Response to "to be apart"

The Need for Deeper Change

Costs to Change and Reconciliation

Where Our Expectations Are Rooted


Chapter 10   Sent to Be Whole

The Context to Send Out

Clarifying Some Terms

God's Paradigm

The Mindset of Repentance

Incarnating the Incarnation

Understanding Our Working Assumptions

Jesus' Working Assumptions

The Change of Redemptive Reconciliation

The Church in Conjoint Function


Chapter 11   Nothing Less and No Substitutes

Accountable for Wholeness

Churches Today

A Suggested Relational Conclusion


Scripture Index (Primary Source)


Bibliography  (Secondary Source)





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