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Political Theology Study

The Human Order of Creation and Its Political Theology
for the New Creation:

Distinguishing God's Integral Way of Life




What's Next? A New Future or Repeating the Past



Where Is God in the

Human Drama Today?



Digging into the

Roots of Racism for New Justice to Emerge



Diagnosing the Underlying Pandemic in Our Human Condition



Study on Music-like Theology:

The Essential Dimension & Quality for Theology & Practice: Discovering the Function of Music as Basic to Significance in Life



Bible Hermeneutics Study

Interpretation Integrated in 'the Whole-ly Way': The Integral Education & Learning of Knowing & Understanding God



Gender Equation Study

The Gender Equation in Human Identity & Function: Examining Our Theology & Practice, & Their Essential Equation


Justice Study

Jesus' Gospel of Essential Justice: The Human Order from Creation through Complete Salvation


Whole-ly Disciples Study

The Disciples of Whole Theology & Practice: Following the Diversity of Reformation or the Wholeness of Transformation


Trinity Study

The Face of the Trinity: The Trinitarian Essential for the Whole of God and Life


Uncommon Worship Study

Worshiping God in Likeness of the Trinity: Not Determined 'in their way'


Global Church Study

The Global Church Engaging the Nature of Sin and the Human Condition: Reflecting, Reinforcing, Sustaining, or Transforming


Worship Study

Embodying New the Worship Relationship: Whole Theology & Practice Required


Transformation Study

The Gospel of Transformation: Distinguishing the Discipleship & Ecclesiology Integral to Salvation


Theological Anthropology Study

The Person in Complete Context: The Whole of Theological Anthropology Distinguished


Theology Study:

"Did God Really Say That?" Theology in the Age of Reductionism


Worship Language Study

Hermeneutic of Worship Language: Understanding Communion with the Whole of God


Integration Study

Jesus into Paul: Embodying the Theology and Hermeneutic of the Whole Gospel


Theology of Worship:

'Singing a New Song to the Lord


Paul Study:
The Whole of Paul & the Whole in

His Theology

Christology Study

Sanctified Christology

Wholeness Study

The Person, the Trinity, the Church 


Essay on Wholeness

Journey to Wholeness in Christ


Discipleship Study
The Relational Progression

Spirituality Study
Following Jesus, Knowing Christ

(with study guide)


Essay on Spirituality
"Listen to My Son"


Worship Perspectives


Worship Songs


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DISCiple Explained


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