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Worship Songs

Worship Song for 2017


The Whole-ly Trinity   (below)



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This page will periodically feature new worship songs of praise, thanksgiving, love, delight in God (as Father, Son and Holy Spirit) -- songs to sing from the heart.



Whatever type of music you use for worship, be sure that it has relational clarity:

Low-key music should not dampen but deepen our thoughts and feelings to more intimate connections with God. Upbeat music should not deaden (numb with sensory stimulation) but enliven by stirring our hearts to open to the heart of God.



Songs for His glory!

Jesus promised not to leave his disciples alone as orphans, and so the Spirit was sent as his relational replacement to be with us forever (Jn 14:16-18). Therefore, the whole of God--Father, Son, and Spirit--is ongoingly present and involved with us as family (v.23). Yet, to experience being family together cannot happen with only God's intimate involvement, as if in a unilateral relationship; God's family requires the compatible relational response of our whole person, vulnerably from inner out, to the whole of God who is vulnerably involved with us for face-to-face, heart-to-heart relationship (Mt 15:8-9; Rom 8:15-16). Worship is our reciprocal relational response with nothing less and no substitutes. We hope all the songs here encourage you to worship the whole of God as the Father's daughters and sons, with Jesus, in the Spirit--intimately involved with God in likeness of how God is with us! And may God be blessed by your whole reciprocal relational response.


The Whole-ly Trinity

 printable sheet music in pdf

printable guitar chords in pdf


Holy denotes to be set apart from the ordinary, to be separated from the common, and thus to be distinguished as the uncommon from the common world. God is certainly uncommon, but our God is also whole—that is, the whole and uncommon Trinity. Whole-ly is the combination of whole and holy that distinguishes only the whole and uncommon Trinity.


Note: underlined words to be chanted, rapped, shouted, or any other style, in this rhythm but not sung; tempo increases after Bridge 1, then slows down after verse 6 to the end.


1.   Praise God whole and uncommon                       

Father, Son and Spirit,

   Praise God whole and uncommon

   Father, Son and Spirit,

together as One

You are, are, are

the whole-ly Trinity.


2.   Praise You Father, Son, Spirit,

Your persons together

   Praise You Father, Son, Spirit,

  Your persons together

whole and uncommon

You are, are, are

the whole-ly Trinity.


Bridge 1:     O, O, O, O praise! O, O, O, O praise!


3.   Glory be Father, Son, Spirit,

all present together,

   yes, present together

   yes, present together,

whole persons as One

You are, are, are

the whole-ly Trinity.


4.   Thank You Father, Son, Spirit,

all involved together,

   yes, involved together,

   yes, involved together,

in relationships

with us, You are

the whole-ly Trinity.


Bridge 2:     O, O, O, O praise! O, O, O, O thank!

               O yes, O yes, O yes, O yes!

5.   Praise You whole-ly Trinity,

all present and involved, O

   Praise You whole-y Trinity,

   all present and involved,

Your persons together

whole relationship,

You’re whole and uncommon.


6.   Thank You whole-ly Trinity,

distinguished above all, O

   Thank You whole-ly Trinity,

   distinguished above all,

yet here for us all

to make us whole

and uncommon like You.


Bridge 3:     So, yes, now yes, O yes!


7.   Praise O thank the Trinity

with our whole and uncommon, Yes,

   Praise O thank the Trinity

   with our whole and uncommon:

Father, Son, Spirit

You are, are, are

the whole-ly Trinity,

   You are, are, are

   the whole-ly Trinity,

      the whole-ly Trinity.




© 2017  T. Dave Matsuo


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