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 The Relational Progression

Discipleship  Study


Table of Contents

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Chapter 1   "Follow Me"

Restoring the Call
Restoring the Identity
Understanding the Word
Restoring the Relationship
Restoring the Terms
Character of the Relationship


Chapter 2   The Quality of Our Response

The Nonnegotiable Starting Point
Its Relational Process
The Basic Quality of Our Response
The Relational Imperative
The Ongoing Process
The Relational Posture
A Necessary Condition
A Sufficient Condition
The Progressive Aspect of Faith
Reformation and Operationalizing Creative Faith
Operational Discipleship


Chapter 3   Following the Uncommon

Grasping the Common
Common Relational Consequences
A Critique of Hope
A People Without Critique
The Illusions of Wisdom, Wealth, Power
Does It Still Apply Today?
Grasping the Uncommon
Living a Contradiction
Living the Distinction
The Alternative Culture
Culture of Distinction
Uncommon Discipleship


Chapter 4   The Character of Discipleship

The Importance of the Whole Person
The Priority of Redemption
The Primary Issue of Secondary Matter
Knowing Our Roots
Uncovering Our Roots
The Primacy of Intimate Relationships
Living With Inequality
Discipleship Further Operationalized


Chapter 5   The Life of a Disciple

Life or Life
Its Vocation
Its Vulnerability
Its Witness
Its Responsibility and Purpose


Chapter 6   Discipleship Formation

The Use of Truth
The Purpose and Function of Truth
The Discipleship Primer
Identity Formation
Outlining the Process
Established Ways
The Character of Substance
Spirit of the Law Revisited
The Presentation of Self
Pursuing the Father
Summary Accountability


Chapter 7   The Forgotten Person

Relational Orphans
Working the Relational Progression
The Misused Person
It's About Relationship


Chapter 8   The Discipleship Transition

In Transition
A Brief Note on Tradition
Roots of Family
Post-Resurrection Dynamics
The Transformed Church
The Church's Shared Life Together
The Vulnerable Process of Confidence and Conviction
Post-Resurrection Transition


Chapter 9   Practicing Relational Connection

Practicing Relational Involvement in Prayer
A. Communion
B. Compassion
C. Advocacy
D. Being Family

Practicing the Ultimate Priority of Worship
A. Relational Clarity
B. Jesus the Worshipper
C. Attachment and Priority
D. Corporate and Public
E. Traditional or Contemporary
F. In The Relational Imperative Only


Practicing the Relational Centrality of His Word
A. Reductionism
B. Perceptual Framework
C. Feedback
D. Unity



Chapter 10   Following Together

Our Ecclesial Roots
Corporate as Together
Functioning Together
Operationalizing Family
Issues About Intimate Relationships
Fears of Intimacy
Trust as it Relates to Intimacy

- Something Taken Away From Us
- Rejected for What We Really Are

The Process of Forgiveness
The Transformed Church Operationalizes Discipleship
Discipleship Operationalized Together


Chapter 11   God's People Distinguished

Distinguishing Identity Formation
The Basic Model of the Early Disciples
The Roots of This Identity
Influences on That Identity
Prevailing and Dependent Identities
To Emerge in Our True Identity
Distinguishing Redemption
Understanding Our Age
Incarnating Redemption Today
Reductionist Alternatives
The Full Redemptive Witness
Discipleship Further Distinguished


Chapter 12   The Church as Equalizer

Its Foundation
Its Functional Basis
Redeemed to Equalize
The Work of Equalization
Building Infrastructure
Knowing Our Context
Addressing Change
Rationale for Change
Opposite Directions for the Church
Multicultural Qualifier
Equalizing Disqualifier
Functional Discipleship


Chapter 13   The Church as Equalizer Within the World

God's Paradigm
The World of Today
Limited Prescriptions
The Jesus Alternative
The Jesus Example
The Outcome of Reconciliation
The Process of Reconciliation
Redemptive Reconciliation
The Church's Challenge
Discipleship for the World


Chapter 14   "Do You Love Me?"

Revelation or Reduction: Our Accountability


Scripture Index (Primary Source)


Bibliography (Secondary Source)




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