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 Sanctified Christology

A Theological & Functional Study of the Whole of Jesus

Table of Contents


Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
Ch. 5

Ch. 6

Ch. 7
Ch. 8
Ch. 9

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Introduction:  Approaching the Whole of the Word

The Approach of This Study

The Basis of This Study

The Purpose of This Study

The Structure of This Study

Chapter 1   The Person Presented

The Emerging Person

Reductionism Made Explicit

First Relational Test

Second Relational Test

Third Relational Test

The Person in Practice

In Human Contexts

With His Glory, Nothing Less and No Substitutes

His Person Presented to New Disciples

A Popular Jesus

Good Intentions: Knowing What's Important

Sincerity: Two Errors for Relationship

Accountable for His Whole Person

Functional Implications

Chapter 2   The Person in Relationship

The Relationship of God

Redeemed from Reductionism in Relationship

The Demands of Grace

Functional Implications

Chapter 3   The Person in the Relational Progression

Christocentric Implications

The Transition Continued

Relationship in Progression

Strategic Shift

Tactical Shift

Functional Shift

Functional Implications

Chapter 4   The Individual Person and the Whole

"How Do You Read It?"

The Person: Outside-In or Inside-Out

Going Beyond Reductionism

Identity and Its Formation

     The Beatitudes

The Process of Identity Formation

"Who Is The Greatest?"

Functional Implications

Chapter 5   Identity Crisis, Sanctified Identity and Bifocal Identity

The Making of a Crisis

Jesusí Sanctified Identity

The Nature of Discipleship

Bifocal Identity

Functional Implications

Chapter 6   Soteriology in Full Context & Process and The Qualitative Shape

                 of the Kingdom

A. Establishing the Context and Process of Soteriology

Getting to the Heart of Soteriology

Salvation Comes with a Jolt in the Night

The Trinitarian Shape of Soteriology

The Ultimate Salvific Discourse

The Enhanced Shape of Soteriology

B. The Qualitative Shape of the Kingdom

Its Questions and Approach

Its Whole and Reductionism

The Old and the New

The Problem with Kingly Rule

Its Qualitative Relational Nature and Function

Clarification and Summary Issues

Functional Implications

Chapter 7   Jesus and Culture, Ethics, Mission

Illuminating Deeper into the Surrounding Context

A. Jesus and Culture in the Surrounding Context

His Purpose: Shedding Light on Reductionism and the Whole of Creation

His Approach: Three Qualifying Issues

His Practice: Triangulation and Reciprocating Contextualization

B. Jesus and Ethics Both in the Kingdom & the Surrounding Context

The Nature of Jesusí Ethics

Definitive Terms for Identity & Function: the Sermon on the Mount 

Matthew 5:21-48

Matthew 6:1-34

Matthew 7:1-34

Ethics Sanctified and Made Whole

C. Jesus and Mission

Functional Implications

Chapter 8   The New Relational Order & the Ecclesiology of the Whole

A. The New Relational Order

The Process of Equalization and Jesusí Working Assumptions

Redemption and the Normative Character & Collective Nature of Sin

Redemptive Reconciliation

The Rigorous and Vulnerable Process of Reconciliation

Communion in the New Relational Order

The Emergence of New Order Family

B. The Ecclesiology of the Whole

Church Formation

Church Practice as Family or Orphanage

Jesusí Post-Ascension Discourse on Ecclesiology to be Whole

His Church as Equalizer

Functional Implications

Chapter 9   The Trinity in Christology with Pneumatology

The Trinitarian Shape of Christology

Trinitarian Uniqueness in Christology

Integral Pneumatology: the Forgotten Person

Functional Implications

Chapter 10   Eschatology: as Doctrine or Truth, as Event or Relationship

Eschatology as Truth

Eschatology as Relationship

Functional Implication

Chapter 11   The Whole in Theology and Practice

Knowing the Whole

Teaching the Whole

The Three "ARE"s of Jesus' Pedagogy

Building the Whole

Celebrating the Whole

"The Whole of God Embodied" (song)

Scripture Index (Primary Source)


Bibliography (Secondary Source)



©2008 T. Dave Matsuo, Ph.D.     No part of this manuscript may be reprinted.

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