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The Gospel of Transformation

Distinguishing the Discipleship & Ecclesiology Integral to Salvation 



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Ch 2

Ch 3

Ch 4

Ch 5

Ch 6


Ch 7

Ch 8

Ch 9

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Ch 12

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Table of Contents

Scripture Index


Note:  page numbers correspond with pdf version of study



A Necessary Reintroduction to Godís Whole.....1

   Our Model of the Gospel     2

     1.  Reduced Model         2

          2.  Convergence Model     3

     3.  Whole Model            6

From Transformation to Reformation    11

From Wholeness to Reductionism        14

From Assumptions to Accountability    16




Section I:  Godís Relational Context and Process to Transformation



Ch 1  The Theological Trajectory & Relational Path to Whole Theology and Practice.....21

     Godís Theological Trajectory Illuminated     22

     Godís Relational Path Penetrates                26

     Compatibility and Congruence for Whole Theology and Practice     33


Ch 2  The Unmistakable Face of God.....41

     Introducing the Face of God             41

     The Deeper Profile of Godís Face     47

     Connecting with the Face of God     66


Ch 3  The Irreducible Subject of the Word.....83

     The Referentialization of the Word     87

     Transforming to the Language of the Word     92

            1. Cosmological     93

            2. Relational           93

            3. Whole                 96

            Implications in Theology and Practice     98

     The Subject Intrudes    101

            Strategic Shift         103

            Tactical Shift           109

            Functional Shift       119

     Embracing Complete Christology     124

            Unavoidable Implications     136


Ch 4  Discipleship Distinguished Only by Reciprocal Relationship.....141

     The Relationship of God     143

     ďFollow the Whole of MeĒ   147

            Distinguished from Would-Be Disciples     148

                        Misguided Engagement:               149

                        Two Relational Errors Revising Discipleship:     150

                        Limited by the Surrounding Context:    152

     Embracing the Whole Person                  155

            Refocused View of the Cross               156

            Embracing the View from the Cross     159

            The Irreplaceable Veil of the Cross      168

     ďFollow Me Whole-lyĒ                                171


Ch 5  Called to Be, Live and Make Whole.....177

     Default Human Condition     178

            Default Due to Fact         181

            Continuing by Default      183

            The Inner and Outer Scope of Reductionism   190

     Identity Formation         193

            Identity Crisis           196

            Bifocal identity          201

     The Process Integrally Composing the New Identity in His Call     204

            The Beatitudes 1-4     206

            Paulís Composition of Our New Identity        213

            The Beatitudes 5-8     219

            The Integral Process Clarified    225

     To Be and Live in Godís Image and Likeness    227

            The full Context from the Beginning                228

            In the Qualitative Image of God          233

            In the Relational Likeness of God       239

                        1. Within the Whole of God     240

                        2. With Other Persons in the Human Context     244

     Distinguishing Our Person in Jesusí Call     254


Ch 6  The Irreplaceable Replacement Person.....259

     The Person Missed or Misunderstood                   260

     The Whole of Paul Distinguished by the Spirit      266

       What emerges from this reciprocal relational involvement

            together with the Spirit?     270

       What does Paul also make definitive as the outcome of reciprocal

            relational involvement together with the Spirit?     272

       What is the significance of distinguishing this relational

            outcome Ďalreadyí by the Spirit?     275

     The Irreplaceable Connection with God in Life Together     278




Section II: The Gospelís Relational Outcome of Wholeness



Ch 7  The Kingdom of Godís Dwelling.....285

     Understanding What Has Come             286

            Transposed from Old to New              288

            Further Clarification and Correction    295

     Building the Church     300

            Jesusí Unanswered Post-Ascension Discourse for Ecclesiology     302

     The Cross Reconstructed, Godís Dwelling Reconstituted        316


Ch 8  Ecclesiology Transformed to Be Whole.....319

     The Transformation of Paul's Theology and Practice     319

     The Transformed Paul's Transformed Ecclesiology        322

            Paulís Development        323

            The Roots of Ekklesia     324

            His Ecclesiology of God's Whole Family     326

                        Its Functional Basis                        327

                        Its Ontology and Function of the Church      332

                        Its Functional Significance              339

                        Its Functional Imperatives and Implications    345

     The Depth of Our Accountability     353


Ch 9  The Church on Jesusí Intrusive Relational Path.....355

     Defining the Steps on Jesusí Path       355

            Culture and Its Seduction                 359

                        Jesus Engaging Culture       360

                        Jesusí Integral Approach      361

                        His Whole Practice               362

            Ethics and Its Illusion                       368

                        Getting on Jesusí Ethical Path     368

                        His Definitive Terms for Ethics     372

                                    Mt 5:21-48      374

                                    Mt 6:1-34        380

                                    Mt 7:1-27        387

                        Ethics Sanctified and Made Whole     392

            Mission and Its Simulation        394

     Intruding Vulnerably in the Surrounding Context      400


Ch 10  The Church Composed In and Composing the New Relational Order.....405

     The Deconstruction to Wholeness              406

     Composed in the New Relational Order      410

            Leadership Composed and Composing   412

            Composed Only in Distinct Relational Terms     418

     The Church Reconstructed as Equalizer     424

            The Question about Slaves       436

            The Question about Women     437

     Composed In and Composing Holy Communion     447


Ch 11  Maturing in Difference and Likeness.....451

     In Reverse Likeness     452

     The Difference that Makes the Difference     454

     Maturing in the Discipleship Distinguishing the Church     460

     The Likeness that Makes the Difference       462


Ch 12  Reclaiming the Gospel........477

     Disclaiming the Lack of Clarity               478

     Reclaiming the Whole Distinguished      481


Scripture Index (Primary Source).....485


Bibliography (Secondary Source).....489