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The Undivided Heart

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Ps 86:11; Jer 17:10; 32:39; Eze 11:19; 2 Cor 3:15-18; Prov 21:2; cf. Isa 60:17b

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 1.   O God, your heart has opened
       for us to know your innermost.
O God, your heart now present
       with us to experience, no less,
       all involved not less—undivided.


Chorus 1:

       Praise the Undivided Heart
       of God’s whole presence.
Thank the Undivided Heart,
       of God’s whole involvement—
       Yes, the Undivided Heart,
              God’s presence and involvement!


2.   O God, you want our heart open
       for you to know our innermost.
O God, you want us unveiled
       for you to experience no less,
       us involved and yes—undivided.


Chorus 2:

       Praise with undivided heart
       our God’s whole presence.
Thank with undivided heart
       our God’s whole involvement—
       with our undivided heart
              in reciprocal response!


3.   Let not our heart be divided,
       some parts here and some over there.
Let all of me be present
       for you, my God, to have me now
       all involved, not less—undivided.


Chorus 3:

       Undivided Heart,
       be praised in reciprocal response,
Undivided Heart,
       be thanked in relationship together—
       undivided heart
              of relationship with you.


O, O, O, as One, yes whole!

O, O, yes, no veil, not in parts, undivided! (repeat as desired)



       O, Undivided Heart
You, Undivided Heart
       Our Undivided Heart
       My undivided heart
             Yes, all whole together!




©2021 T. Dave Matsuo and Kary A. Kambara

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