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     The Shepherd and His Sheep

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Ps 23; Isa 40:11; Eze 34:12-16; Jn 10:1-18; 11:52


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1.  The Lord is my shepherd, my shepherd, my—shepherd—

            Who knows my name! my name!!!

     You know the names of all the sheep gathered,

            You brought together as your family.


2.  The Lord is our shepherd, our shepherd, our—shepherd—

            Whose voice is clear! Is clear!!!

     You call our names, and we come together,

            We know together the sound of your voice.


3.  The Lord is my shepherd, our shepherd, ours together,

            Who leads us by still waters.

     You lead us even when oceans are roaring,

            even in drought cool waters you give.


Reflective instrumental interlude (humming optional)


4.  The Lord is my shepherd, our shepherd, our family,

            You know, and call and lead us.

     You do not follow the sheep’s leading,

            But we must follow you to be family—


     And [Yes] we belong just by your faithful love—

            and led only by your righteous justice.  (repeat)


5.  The Lord is my shepherd, our shepherd, now together,

            You bring us all together

     In the green pastures of relationship

            in the right paths of your family.


6.  O— my shepherd, our shepherd, O Lord our God—

            You are, you are, you are!

     The only good shepherd who loves us deep

            to make us one just as the Trinity is one,

            just as the Trinity is one.



     O yes my shepherd, O yes our shepherd.

            You are, are, are,

     so we are, are, are, even though we walk

            through the darkest valley—

     We’re your family together!

            Together… family…Yours!!!





©2022 T. Dave Matsuo & Kary A. Kambara

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