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The Kiss of Peace

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Isa 9:6-7; Jn 14:27; Ps 85:10; Isa 60:17


Note: all words in italics and quotes (double and single) are spoken (with your own emphasis) along with the accompanying chords. And feel free to sing the whole song with your own variation.


1.   Jesus, Prince of Peace

You speak the whole Truth,

“My peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives

do I give to you.”

From your heart you say,

“Let not your hearts be troubled

with what happens in the world,

neither let them be afraid.”  O, O, O!


2.   Jesus, Prince of Peace

What makes you different?

“My peace I give to you is not

the common peace but my uncommon peace

—not of this world, not of the common—

So, my peace is not partial but whole,

nor falls short but complete.

My peace I give to you is whole &


whole-ly peace you can count on.”

How so in this broken world?

How real can it be? How, how?

And how will it be different? How, how, how?


3.   O, whole-ly Prince of Peace

by your intimate connection

we experience your kiss of peace.

Why? ‘cause

“Your righteousness & peace kiss each other”

How? ‘cause

“righteousness goes before you and makes

the path of your presence that gives us peace.”

Your righteousness is the whole of

who, what and how you are.

So, in your wholeness we can count on you

to be true in relationship together without doubt,

even in a broken world. Wow even today!


4.   Jesus, our Prince of Peace,

your righteousness and peace kiss.

In your vulnerable presence

and intimate connection your kiss of peace

touches our hearts, transforms

our persons from inner out.

Yes, yes indeed,

Your righteous kiss of uncommon peace

you give, whole-ly peace

kissed by the Prince of Wholeness.

So, now, yes now,

your righteousness we praise ever on,

and count on in relationship together

to be whole, yes to live whole each day,

and make whole the human condition

—touching those longing for

your kiss of peace!


Praise you Prince of Peace,

thank you Prince of Peace.

You give your whole person, with

‘nothing less and no substitutes’

in your kiss of peace!

Praise you Kiss of Peace,

thank you Kiss of Peace,

O righteous Kiss of Peace—our Kiss of Peace,

my Kiss of Peace, Kiss of Peace, Kiss of Peace.


©2020 T. Dave Matsuo and Kary A. Kambara

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