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"Did God Really Say That?"

Theology in the Age of Reductionism



Ch 1

Ch 2

Ch 3

Ch 4

Ch 5

Ch 6

Ch 7

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An Urgent foreWord….iii


Ch 1   Introducing the Context     1


        The Emerging Context of Theology      1

        What and Who Emerge from Theology’s Context        3

        Shaped by Our Underlying Theological Anthropology        6

        Hybrid Theology: Theology on Our Terms       8

        The Basis for Distinguished Theological Trajectory    12

        The Coherence of God’s Self-Revelation          15

        The Unavoidable Challenge of the Face of Theology   19



Ch 2   The Globalization of Reductionism     21


        The Emergence of Reductionism           22

        The Scope of Reductionism                   24

        Reductionism Exposed and Made Explicit        29

              Jesus, ‘the Presence of the Whole’, Exposes Reductionism   30

              Paul Confronts Reductionism          34



Ch 3   Theological Formalization of Reductionism:

             Negative and Positive Theologies     39


        Negative Theology         40

        Positive Theology          46

        Statements of Affirmation, Assertion, even Dogmatism      48

        Statements of Systematization  56

        Statements of Inclusion              58



Ch 4   The Theological Task Made Whole     63


        Accounting for the Theological Task     63

        Clarifying the Theological Task and Its Terms   67

        The Heart of the Theological Task         72

        Doing Egology or Living Theology         75



Ch 5   The Outcome of Whole Theology     85


        Divided Theology           86

        The Human Condition and Anthropology         95

        Theology without the Veil         104

        Theology Made Whole             109

        The Seeds of New Wine Theology        119



Ch 6   The Relational Outcome of Whole Theology and Practice     123


        The Relational Outcome Unfolds      123

        The Gospel of Wholeness               128

        Sprouting New Wine                      131

        The Challenge of What on the Cross and Who to Follow      139

               New View of the Cross       139

               The View from the Cross    142

               Who to Follow                    150

        The Relational Outcome of Church in Likeness    153

               Jesus’ Post-Ascension Discourse for Ecclesiology to be Whole   155

               Paul’s Basis for the Ecclesiology of the Whole   165

        The Academy in Likeness of Its God     173

               “The language you use will be the Word you get” 173

               “The interpretive framework, lens and hermeneutic you use will be
                      the knowledge and understanding of the Word you get”           175

               “The epistemic process you engage will be

                      the theology & practice you get”                 182

        The Nature of Old Wineskins and the Flow of the New Wine      187



Ch 7   Theological Education in the Age of Reductionism     193


        The What of Theological Education      194

               Understanding the Nature of the Word Used for Its Purpose  194

               Knowing the Word’s Identity Used in Its Curriculum     199

        The Who of Theological Education       202

        The How of Theological Education       208

               The Three “AREs” of Jesus’ Pedagogy:      209

        The Competing Dynamic of Theological Education     214

        Ongoing Reciprocal afterWord              218



Scripture Index (Primary Source)     223



Bibliography (Secondary Source)     226







©2013 T. Dave Matsuo

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