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Our Father’s Love

Dt 7:7-9; Isa 63:16; Jn 3:16; Eph 1:4-5; 2 Cor 6:18; Heb 12:6,9; Jn 17:22-23


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1. O God, our Father, —

      who is like You?

    No other father, no one!

    You alone distinguished,

      ever present, always

      involved in love.


2. You sent Your Son—

      in love for love,

    to be family as one.

    You alone illumined

      the family love needed

      to adopt us!


3. O God, our Father, —

      We are now Yours,

    Your family forever.

    You also discipline

      Your children as needed

      with family love!


(Repeat verses 1-3 with same tune)


Musical Transition:    Hmmmmm, indeed;  Oooooooh, yes!


(Hmmm is meditative, Ooooh more dynamic)


4. O God, our Father,

      Who is like You?

    No other parent, no one!

    Your love always faithful,

      Your family love truly

      we can count on!


5. Father, our Father,

      thank You, thank You

    for Your Son and family

    together in Your love,

      to be in Your likeness—

      together One!


6. O yes, our Father

      Praise You, praise You!

    Your family love is present,

      involved ever with us.

    So, “listen to My Son, —

      Share family love!”     


(Repeat verses 4-6 with 2nd tune)


(Note: after 2nd set is repeated, all the verses could be sung just once through before ending)



And now My children

   live family love,

   give family love,

for others to become—

in My family together

   O— O— O—  

   together as One!




©2023 T. Dave Matsuo & Kary A. Kambara

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