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‘New Song’ News (Musical Gospel)

Ps 96:1-2; 98:1-2; 71:15; 40:3; Lk 22:30; 2 Cor 5:17;

Lk 6:38; Eph 1:13; 4:23-24


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1.  Have you heard the news/the news of the gospel?
There’s news not often heard/the gospel’s full story.

2.  The gospel sounds good/but not the whole story.
Good news points to the bad/bad news of the gospel.

3.  Have you heard bad news/in news of the gospel?
This news not often heard/the gospel’s whole story.


4.  No news is good news/until heard with the bad.
The bad needs to be changed/for the gospel to be whole,
for the gospel to be whole.


5.  Do you see this news/declared in the gospel?
Bad news is given hope/now by the whole gospel.


6.  The news that brings change/the complete gospel
is the news to be claimed/to embrace the whole gospel.


7.  Now the news is told/Do you hear gospel?
It’s the story of bad/in us made new and whole.


8.  This is the only news/that makes it the gospel.
It’s called the ‘New Song’ News/the new of the whole gospel.


9.  Have you heard the news/news of the whole gospel?
Without the new there is/no claim to the gospel.


10. Claim the ‘New Song’ News/the news of complete change.
The only whole gospel/composed by the new covenant,
/made by the new creation,
/made by the new creation. Oo…oo...oo!


11. Sing the ‘New Song’ News/the news of us made whole.
The new now made complete/defined by the new wine
/determined by the new self. The new self!


12. Declaring the truth/of the whole of God
His righteousness revealed/His salvation now complete…complete!


13. Proclaiming ‘New Song’/our ‘New Song’ gospel
For all to see the whole/the gospel in us made new! New! New!



Yes, the ‘New Song’ News!
O, O ‘New Song’ News!
O, O, O New Song
New Song, New Song, New Song!
 (slow)       Thank You, You, You!
 (slower)    Father, Son, Spirit!
 (slowest)  Thank Yoooouuu!


©2020 T. Dave Matsuo and Kary A. Kambara

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