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God Distinguished (Pala)


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Pala is the Hebrew word defining to be wonderful, to distinguish and thus to separate from comparison with anything or anyone else. Pala not only describes but defines God (e.g. Gen 18:14; Ps 9:1), who alone is distinguished above all and beyond all comparison, yet is wonderfully present and involved with us (as in Isa 9:6). Only God is pala and is worthy of our worship.




Pala—pala—pala—!   (sing "pala" strong, like a shofar)


1.               You O God are beyond

(declare)     and compare to nothing   

                  You O God stand alone!


                  You be wonderful

(declare)     beyond human words

                  You the Word, wonderful!



2.               You are distinguished

                   beyond comparing

                  You are, only you!


                  You God are sep’rate

                   compare to no one

                  You have no equal!





(tune of verse 1)        You O God are beyond

            (declare)        You alone distinguished

                                  Wonderful, wonderful!


(tune of verse 2)        You are, you only

                                  beyond and present

                                  Wonder-full the Word!


(Repeat song)


Ending:    Pala—pala—pala—!





©2015 T. Dave Matsuo and Kary A. Kambara

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