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The Global Church Engaging the Nature of Sin

and the Human Condition

Reflecting, Reinforcing, Sustaining, or Transforming 


Ch 1

Ch 2

Ch 3

Ch 4

Ch 5

Ch 6

Ch 7

Ch 8

Ch 9

Ch 10

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Table of Contents

Scripture Index


 Note:  page numbers correspond with pdf version of study



Ch1  The World Today and Yesterday.....1

Emerging Tide and Converging Currents     2       

Understanding the Bigger Picture     4

What We Have in Common                6







Ch 2  Listening to Sin.....11

Listen from the Beginning                 12

Continuing to Listen                           15

Listening to the Word                         17

Listening to History                            21

Listening to Key Words for Church History       26

Listening to What Unfolds                  37

The Most Recurring Issue                   41


Ch 3  Listening to the Person.....43

The Person in the Beginning                       45

The Person from the Beginning                   52

The Consciousness of Human Identity       57


Ch 4  Giving Voice to the Human Condition.....67

Set Into Motion from the Beginning                  68

Human Intervention & Achievement, not Development      71

The Silence of the Human Condition                 76

Good Intentions Composing the Human Condition    80

Voicing Our Narrowed-Down Condition            85






Ch 5  The Global Church Emerges Distinguished…..91

The Trajectory of the Old & the Path of the New Converge  92

From the Beginning or In the Beginning                       99

The Primacy of Persons and Relationships                  102

The Emerging Transition in Functional Significance    107

A Necessary Paradigm Shift                  108

Reductionism and Church Leadership    115

Seeking Alternatives      118


Ch 6  The Church Unfolds with the Palpable Word…..121

The Church Local, Regional and Global Unfolds             123

The Church Face to Face                  127

Face to Face with God’s Presence and Involvement   127

Face to Face with Each Other                        130

Face to Face with the Globalizing World        134             

Unfolding Into Nothing Less and No Substitutes    142


Ch 7  The Gathering Church for the Ages…...149

Gatherers or Hunters              151

The Grassroots Dynamic and the Organizational Process     153         

Family Base with Uncommon Interrelationships              153         

Koinonia Base with Grassroots Interdependence            155         

Accountability Base with Interdependent Synergism       159         

Gathering Myths and Scattering Realities     161

The Myth of Charisma and the Reality of Scholarship     162         

Other Myths and Realities                     166

Uncommonness versus Commonization        168


Ch 8  The Whole Witness for the Whole Gospel…..171

The Nature of Witness and the Significance of Witnessing     172

The Experiential Truth of the Witness         173

The Experiential Reality of Witnessing        175

The Challenge of the Gospel to Be Fulfilled         180

Witnessing to an Incomplete Gospel                     183

The Whole Witness of Family and Koinonia          188


Ch 9  The Uncommon Equality of the Equalizing Church…..193

The Idolization of the Truth of God           194

The Truth of God Unfolds in Whole Relational Terms           198

‘Common Peace’ and ‘Justice without Righteousness’         201

Distinguishing the Difference                      205

The Uncommon Peace of the Church                   209

Comparative Relations, Power Relations or Whole-ly Relationships          210

The Relational Significance and Relational Outcome of the Church’s Uncommon Peace      215

Gospel of Uncommon Equality Proclaimed by the Equalizing Church              218

The New, Uncommon, Whole Relational Order of the Transformed Church     222

Further Implications of the Church as Equalizer     224





Ch 10  The Integrity of Globalizing the Church…..231

          Who and What Converge in the Global Church        234

                    The Heart of Its Global Theology                         235

                    The Heart of Its Global Practice                           237

          The Globalizing Church Celebrating in a Fragmenting World 239   


Scripture Index (Primary Source)..…243


Bibliography (Secondary Source).....246