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     But As God For Me

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Mt 6:24; Lk 10:41-42;

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1a.   Long did I search, seeking a way in life

   Seeking some good that would last.

   Closely observing, comparing, copying

   Here is what I have found.


1b.   Many seek status, fame or privilege,

   Looking so good to the eyes.

   Relishing influence, “likes” and a following,

   That’s where a fearful heart hides. O— O— O—


2a.   Measuring up to society’s do’s and don’ts

   Gets you some trophies or awards.

   Where will you put them all when you depart from here?

   Where will your heart reside?


2b.   These are the treasures, the goods for self-worth,

   Costing a price to our innermost.

   All of these outer things may gain approval;

   That’s the reward, nothing more. O— O— O—


But as for me, I boast in You,

Hallelu You, O hallelu You!

In You I find my place and my name

Hallelu only You, Lord!

Hallelu only You!


3a.   All of my striving to feel worthy to You

       Just kept us distant, apart.

             And having a head filled with info about You

       Never would touch Your heart.


3b.   Only with You do I have what is needed,

   In Your presence, unveiled,

   With my innermost need of Your grace for relationship

   Now face to face, heart to heart! O!


So as for me, all the difference is You,

Hallelu You, O hallelu You!

In You alone can we be whole

Hallelu only You—

Hallelu only You!


Yes as for me, I boast in You, Lord,

Hallelu You, O hallelu You!

You are the Song composing my life, O my God!

Hallelu only You— Yes!

Hallelu only You!


© 2022 Kary A. Kambara

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