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Awesome Intimately

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Reverently joyous


1.  My Big Picture Papa works the universe and the earth.

Awesome Father, with one hand, works the big picture;

Intimate Papa, with the other hand, touches, holds and comforts me.




Awesome intimately!  Awesome intimately!

That's who you are, our Big Picture Papa.

Awesome intimately!  Awesome intimately!

That's what you are, Father first of all.

Awesome intimately!  Awesome intimately!

That's how you are, our Papa here and now. 


2.  Our Father, my Father living life both near and far;

Awesome Papa keeping your word beyond our imagine;

Intimate Father present in Word, open, active, vulnerable.




Ending:        Awesome Father, intimate Papa.      (sing 3x)

(slower)          Awesome intimately, awesome intimately.    (sing 2x)


(soulful, like a shofar)     Our Father!



2004 T. Dave Matsuo & Kary A. Kambara

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